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Maldives Weather

The summer never ends in the Maldives. Although it is warm throughout the year there are slight variations in the temperature during certain periods determined by the monsoons. The Northwest monsoons, from November to April is mostly dry with very little wind, while the Southwest monsoon from May to October brings some rain and wind. Being on the equator, the monsoons are mild and the temperature varies very little. The annual average daily temperature is between 30.4 and 25.4 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is below 2m per annum

Average Temperature

Temperatures below are given as a guide only and are expressed in Celsius.

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
28°C 28.5°C 29°C 30°C 29°C 28.5°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C